Changing tab titles in visits

Editing titles for tabs in patient charts

You can change the tab titles shown in the visits in your patient's charts. The tabs that can be changed include: patient questionnaire (including sub-tabs), examination form (including sub-tabs), recipients (letters/reports), and claims or billing:

For this example, we will use the "Sleep History/Exam/Workup" visit, however this process applies to any visit type in DentalWriter (i.e. Sleep Appliance Delivery, TMD initial consult, etc).

To change the tab titles:

Start by opening any patient chart in DentalWriter, and either open an existing visit or a new visit from the "Visits/Forms" tab (it is recommend to perform this in a fake/test patient chart, and to open a new visit):

Once the visit is open, choose the "Tools" menu, then "Customize", then "Change Individual Page Titles":

In the window that appears, the current titles of the tab will be shown on the left. The default titles will always remain on the right, and can always be selected to reset back to default if desired.  The main tabs (patient questionnaire, examination form, graphics, recipients (letters/reports) & billing or claims) will have their sub-tabs (i.e. chief complaints, sleep history, pain pain history, etc) listed underneath them. Change main tab or sub-tab titles as desired on the left hand side, then click "Save":

You will receive a prompt alerting you the form must be closed for changes to take effect:

Once the form has closed, re-open it using the "View Form" button underneath the date of the visit you just changed the tab title in:Your changes will be shown (i.e. in the this example, "1. Patient Questionnaire" was changed to "1. Subjective"

These changes will appear in the visit you change them in and all new visits of that type moving forward for new & existing patients. However, this will not go back and alter already created records and change the titles of any visit that were created prior to these changes being applied. (i.e. if you created a sleep history/exam/work visit yesterday and applied these changes today, the visit created yesterday will still look like it did when it was created, prior to these changes). You will always have the "Reset" icon option to put it back to the original or default tab name.