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Claim form statement

How to generate a statement of claims

A claim form statement can be generated and printed and/or exported. A claim form statement includes information such as the services billed for, the diagnosis(es) code(s), charges and any payments applied. Claim form statements can be generated in 2 different areas of DentalWriter:

1) From the "Claim Form List" view on the main screen of DentalWriter

2) From inside a medical claim form

To generate from the "Claim Form List" view:

Choose the "Claim Form List" view on the main screen of DentalWriter, click on the claim in the list that you wish you print a statement for, then click the "Print Claim Statement" button on the left hand side:


To generate from inside a medical claim form:

Once the claim is open, scroll to the bottom of the claim and choose the "Print Claim Statement" button located at the bottom of field 24 (right above field 27):


If you are generating from the claim form list view, you will receive a prompt to verify the correct claim is selected:

The claim form statement will generate in Microsoft Report Viewer. From here, you can print the statement, or export it to Excel, PDF or Word: