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DentalWriter could not locate the following folders

Requiring local administrator credentials to locate the DentalWriter software


An error message is displayed when opening DentalWriter from a Workstation that references: “DentalWriter Could not locate the following folders:”

With a list of the different data directories for each folder.

This message usually means that workstation attempting to access the data network shares requires local-admin credentials to be entered and IMPORTANT Selected to Remember once entered.  Or that the permissions or data folders have been modified on the Server.

To Fix:

You will be required to know and enter administrator username password setup by person whom manages network or setup.  Normally your local-IT represented.  Once those credentials are obtained from the workstation receiving this message:

  • Select no, close DentalWriter from Desktop.
  • Click and select to open (Yellow) explore folder in bottom of your system tray.
  • In the (Left Window) expand Network if not already Expanded.
  • Select your DentalWriter™ Server name:  The server name will be displayed in message received (Example:  \\Your Server Name\ NiermanData\DentalWriterNet)
  • Double-Click and open NiermanData share folder.
  • You will be presented with a Windows Login Message.  This is where you will enter Administrator credentials and select Remember.
  • Select OK and close.
  • Double-click and re-open DentalWriter, message will no longer be displayed.  If message is still present, please have your Local-IT representative call DentalWriter Tech support team for further instruction.