DentalWriter Desktop System Requirements

This section will summarize the minimum system requirements to run DentalWriter server software. Keep in mind, the minimum is only to be used as a reference. Generally, the more resources available, the better the DentalWriter experience will be.

Operating System Additional Notes
Windows 10 (All Versions) Professional version Recommended if networked.
Windows Server 2012 (All Versions) Requires Desktop Experience enabled
Windows Server 2016 (All Versions) Requires Desktop Experience enabled
Windows Server 2019 Requires Desktop Experience enabled
Macintosh Operating System (Hosted DentalWriter
offering only supported)
It is possible to run DentalWriter on this OS if
hosted offering was purchased, or if running in
parallel with Windows & minimum system
requirements are met for Windows.
*Chromebooks Operating System (Hosted
DentalWriter offering only supported)
It is possible to run DentalWriter on this OS if
hosted offering was purchased.

* NOTE: Chromebooks, versions, remote applications and connection types are currently under development.

Minimum System Requirements

Hardware Required Specifications  Recommended
Hard Drive Space (server) 10 GB Minimum for base installation plus additional to support database growth
(Databases are typically less than 2 GB and have a cap of 10 GB)
Microsoft SQL Server Express edition supports
databases up to 10 GB.
Options are available for purchase from
Microsoft to further the capacity if needed.
20 GB
Hard Drive Space
2 GB Minimum for base installation 5 GB
Memory (server) 4 GB Minimum. Recommended if running
multiple workstations or if DentalWriter is
sharing a server with other applications. More
memory generally means a better DentalWriter
8 GB
Memory (workstation) 2 GB Minimum. More memory will generally increase  performance.

4 GB


Display Settings 100%. If display settings are “magnified” or set
to something larger than 100%, the user may be
unable to see the full DentalWriter application.



*IMPORTANT*: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 cannot be installed on a machine with a Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine dependency.

*Virtual Machine* Configurations, Please Note:
Ensure that the configured drive space for the hard drive has enough room for the Operating System and the DentalWriter program.
For servers we recommend minimum 60 GB hard drive and 6 GB of RAM. And for Workstations a minimum of 40 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM.

*Database capacity*: The database included with DentalWriter can store 10 GB of data.
Based on typical usage by our users, a general estimate of data stored in a 10 GB database would be: 20,000 or more patients with 80,000 individual patient forms (Patient questionnaires, exam forms, medical histories, etc.)
The included database can be upgraded to SQL Server Standard edition for virtually unlimited storage capacity. The more resources available to the DentalWriter server, the more responsive DentalWriter will run.

Additional Software Requirements (Licensed)

Note About Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Word is only needed on Workstation(s) where:

1. Narrative Reports (SOAP notes) generation, and/or
2. QuickLetter template generation, and/or
3. Electronic signatures on documents with Epad II

The requirements above are for DentalWriter software only. You must also consider the requirements for additional software including Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. that use those features. DentalWriter leverages additional software for various features. The software and supported features are described below. Generally, these are purchased by the customer before installing DentalWriter.

Software Supported Feature(s)
Microsoft Word 2007 or Later Used to support DentalWriter Quick letter,
Narrative, Report Functionality and Epad II
document signing.
Microsoft Excel 2007 or Later Used to support exporting of DentalWriter data
including patient detail, form detail, claim detail,
Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird This is an email service used for any email
functions from within DentalWriter. Service will
need to be installed locally and set as default email program on any machine that uses this

*Note: Microsoft Word web based is not supported. Must be installed locally.

Additional Software Requirement (non-licensed)

DentalWriter leverages additional software to support core features. This software is installed as part of the install process and does not need to be purchased/installed before installing DentalWriter.

Software  Supported Feature(s)
Microsoft .Net 4.7 Used to support core DentalWriter functionality.
Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 Used to support generating reports.
Adobe Reader DC Used to generate, create, and send reporting types.