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Find NPI numbers for referring physicians or other health professionals

Researching NPI numbers for physicians/health professional online and adding to your DentalWriter software

You can easily find NPI numbers online, many times all that is needed is the health professional's first and last name, and state if it is a more common name (i.e. John Smith). 

There are a few sources to search NPI numbers online, two suggested sources are:

NPPES: https://npiregistry.cms.hhs.gov/

NPI Number Lookup: http://www.npinumberlookup.org/

In the example below, we'll use the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) site:

Simply type in the providers first name and last name, and entering the state is recommend if it is a common name to narrow your search results, (or enter the organization name if you are searching a Type II NPI) then click the search button:

The search results will show, and you can simply copy and paste the NPI number showing on the left hand side into your DentalWriter software (it is recommended you store the NPI number in your contacts list for referring providers, because DentalWriter will automatically place the doctor's name and NPI number onto the claim for you when utilizing your contacts list):

You can even view more details for the NPI number by clicking on the NPI itself, which will display additional information such as the last time it was updated, address, phone, fax, taxonomy number, and license numbers:

In your DentalWriter contacts list, the NPI can be entered in the field shown below:

In your patient questionnaire in any visit/form in DentalWriter, if the referring doctor is selected from your contacts list for the "referring physician", that doctor's name and NPI will appear in box #17 of your medical claim form when generated for that visit.