Generating a patient statement

How to generate a statement for a patient in the ledger for the DentalWriter software

There are two ways to generate a patient statement in DentalWriter. The first method will allow you to cycle through/print a patient statement for all patients with outstanding balances in DentalWriter. The second method will only print an individual statement in a patient’s chart.

Step 1A: From the DentalWriter homescreen/patient list, select  "Reporting" and then scroll down to "Ledger Reports" and then select "Patient Statements". 

Step 2A: You can select the arrow icon to cycle through each patient statement, select the printer icon to print all or selected patient statements, and export to a PDF,Word document or HTML page. 

 Patient statements


Alternatively, if you would like to pull up an individual patient statement, this can be done from any patient chart. 

*Note: The ledger must be enabled under "Configuration Options" to utilize this method. See ledger how-to for enabling it in DentalWriter. 


Step 1B: Select the patient from the patient list that you would like to generate a statement for in DentalWriter. 

Step 2B: Once in the patient's chart, select the "Billing" tab, then the "Ledger" subtab and then the "Print Statement" icon. 

Step 3B: Select your desired date range by selecting the radio buttons or changing the date range on the calendar and selecting "OK".  This will then bring up the selected patient statement and balance and you are now able to print or export the statement. 


Patient statements 2