Check for new online patient questionnaires automatically

How to set your DentalWriter software to continuously check for new online patient questionnaires at a chosen increment

DentalWriter Online Feature allows you to perform a “Check Now” to determine if any completed online questionnaires are ready to be imported into your DentalWriter patient list. You can also setup to check automatically to relieve you of having to perform a Check now every time to check for new submissions. To setup perform the following:

From the menu bar of DentalWriter from any workstation (Setting will apply on all remaining workstations with DentalWriter), hover your mouse over the Globe Icon “DW Online Download Manager” and click to open.


Once the DW Online Download Manager opens, the first tab Live Download should be selected. You will note the “Auto-Check for Online Submissions” is stopped by default.

Select the Green Arrow Start to enable this feature. You also have the option to determine in seconds (60 Max) of how often the check should occur. Select desired seconds, then select Save.



By selecting the Red Stop button will disable this feature and a manual Check Now can always be performed.

NOTE: If you close the download manager window, the automatic check now stops.