How do I setup users to require a login before accessing DentalWriter desktop

Setting up user names for use in DentalWriter desktop

How to enable the security feature for DentalWriter

Did you know that you can require users to log into DentalWriter with a username and password? Follow the instructions below to activate the security feature and set up your user log ins for your whole team.

1) Open DentalWriter to the main screen. Choose the "setup" menu, and choose "configuration options":

2) In the configuration options window, choose the tab labeled "security", and check the box in the "logins" section labeled "require users to log in", then choose the "save and close" button in the upper left-hand corner of the window:

3) Next, choose the "file" menu from the main screen of DentalWriter, choose "administrator", then choose "users":

4) There are two default users already set up in the system. It is recommended that you do not edit these users. If you ever get locked out of DentalWriter during this process or prior to making specific user log ins for your team, you will be able to log into DentalWriter using the username "admin" with password "admin". To begin adding new users, choose the "new user" button:

5) In the new user window, enter the following: the username, last name, first name, choose either "user" or "administrator" from the dropdown, and enter the password twice. You can continue to set up as many new users as you wish, or they can be added later. After all information is entered, choose the "save & close" button in the upper left hand corner of the window:

6) The next time you shut down and re-open DentalWriter, you will be prompted with a sign on screen. Enter the username(s) and password(s) you set up to access and choose the "login" button. (remember, if you did not yet set up any users or forgot the password, you can use username "admin" and password "admin" to access DentalWriter: