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How do I update my software on our Server and workstations?

Updating DentalWriter software from your server and/or workstation

As a valued client with an active Maintenance and Support (M&S) Subscription, this update is no additional cost to you.

Instructions to download & install the update:

Before beginning the update, verify that DentalWriter is closed on every workstation except the first one you will run the update from. This is important because the first workstation you run the update on will also prompt you to update the server.

1) From any workstation, open DentalWriter to the main screen where you see your patient list. Choose the "Setup" menu in the upper left-hand corner, choose "Registration/Activation", then choose "Check for Software Update". (Or you can choose the "Help/Training" menu and choose the "Check for DentalWriter Updates" option).

2) In the window that appears, choose the "Check Status" button. Next to "Software Status", the words "Update Available" will appear. Choose the "Update Software" button to the right.

3) Once the download is complete, verify that the DentalWriter desktop program is closed before beginning to follow the "next" and "agree" prompts on the installer that appears. On the first workstation that is updated, once the workstation update is complete you will also be prompted to update the server. Any workstation updated after that will only run the workstation install.

**Important tip: Update one workstation at a time. If you attempt to update more than one workstation at a time, you will receive an error message. The first workstation that you update will take approximately 10-15 minutes because it includes the server update. Any workstation after that will take approximately 3-5 minutes. Times may vary depending on computer and internet speed.

If you choose not to update your software at this time, you will begin to receive reminder prompts when launching your software within a 30-day time frame.

You can view a video and instructions to download and install updates to your DentalWriter Software below: