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ICD-10 2021 Updates for Medical Billing in Dentistry

ICD-10 2021 Updates for dental practices - these 2021 updates go into effect October 1, 2020

Did you know? There are now a total of 72,616 ICD10 diagnosis codes!

For ICD-10 2021, there are:

  • 490 additions
  • 58 deletions
  • 47 revisions

These changes go into effect October 1, 2020. The good news is, we’ve scoured these changes for you to isolate the updates that are important to dental practices who bill their patient’s medical insurance for medically necessary procedures performed in the dental practice setting like sleep apnea appliances, TMJ disorder services, and certain surgical procedures.

Important additions:

  • M26.641 Arthritis of right temporomandibular joint
  • M26.642 Arthritis of left temporomandibular joint
  • M26.643 Arthritis of bilateral temporomandibular joint
  • M26.649 Arthritis of unspecified temporomandibular joint
  • M26.651 Arthropathy of right temporomandibular joint
  • M26.652 Arthropathy of left temporomandibular joint
  • M26.653 Arthropathy of bilateral temporomandibular joint
  • M26.659 Arthropathy of unspecified temporomandibular joint
  • R51.0   Headache with orthostatic component, not elsewhere classified
  • R51.9   Headache, unspecified

Other new additions (the honorable mentions)

  • M24.39   Pathological dislocation of other specified joint, not elsewhere classified
  • M24.49   Recurrent dislocation, other specified joint
  • M24.59   Contracture, other specified joint
  • M24.69   Ankylosis, other specified joint
  • M24.89   Other specific joint derangement of other specified joint, not elsewhere classified
  • M25.39   Other instability, other specified joint
  • M25.59   Pain in other specified joint
  • M25.69   Stiffness of other specified joint, not elsewhere classified

Important deletions:

  • R51     Headache