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Medicare DME Application On-site Visit from the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC)

During the application process for a dental practice to be a Medicare DME Supplier location, the NSC conducts an on-site visit. Here's some important items to be aware of and have prepared!

Site Visit Information

During your site inspection, the site inspector may ask for copies of documents to ensure compliance with the Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standards. Listed below are some of the compliance documents that may be requested during the site inspection. Depending on the supplier type and findings during the site visit, the site inspector may request additional information or documentation not listed below. 

  • Licensure – Any federal, state, and local licensure required to operate your business (Supplier Standard 1) 
  • Insurance – Certificate of General Liability Insurance showing NSC as the certificate holder with our address of PO Box 100142 Columbia, SC 29202 (Supplier Standard 10)
  • Complaints – Complaint resolution protocol and complaint log/form (Supplier Standards 19 and 20) 
  • Warranty Coverage Notification (Supplier Standard 6)
  • Rent/Purchase Option Notification (Supplier Standard 5) 
  • Instructions – Documentation for written instruction/information on beneficiary use/maintenance of supply (Supplier Standard 12) 
  • Ownership/Management – Listing of all owners/management to include names and titles (Supplier Standard 17) (in application)
  • Must have proof of a $50,000.00 surety bond

Standards that do not apply to dental practices for for sleep apnea oral appliances:

  • Accreditation Information (Supplier Standard 22) 
  • Inventory – Credit Agreements or Invoices (Supplier Standard 4) 
  • Oxygen Licensure – A supplier must obtain oxygen from a state-licensed oxygen provider. The supplier must be able to submit a copy of that provider’s state oxygen license if requested. (Supplier Standard 27)

In addition, the site inspector may ask for additional information to be submitted providing proof of the following:

  • Signage – Business sign with company name and hours of operation are required to be posted. (Supplier Standard 7) 
  • Accessibility to Physical Site – Physical location must meet all federal accessibility guidelines. (Supplier Standards 1 and 7) 

Reference: https://www.palmettogba.com/palmetto/providers.nsf/DocsCat/National-Supplier-Clearinghouse~AFQLMT4106