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My DentalWriter Desktop Icon is missing or has been deleted

Steps on how to recreate DentalWriter icon back onto your desktop


During the installation of DentalWriter Workstation component, the installer will place (2) icons on the workstation desktop to use and launch the DentalWriter application and a desktop icon shortcut for the DentalWriter Help Center.

There are times when the DentalWriter Desktop application Icon gets deleted and is not present in the Recycle bin.  Provided are steps to re-attain that DentalWriter Desktop application, provided the program has not been un-installed from the local machine.  The steps provided will relieve you from having to locate and re-install the application if it was never un-installed.

To Fix:
• Navigate to the following directory to re-create a shortcut DentalWriter ICON, C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files\ Nierman\DentalWriterNet Workstation and open.

• Nex
t, locate file DWNET.EXE (Application File) Left Click to highlight that file.

• Next
, Right-Click file and select Send To, Desktop (Create Shortcut). Once relocated on Desktop you may want to rename the ICON to DentalWriter.