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Updating or refreshing your activation

Updating your DentalWriter software

DentalWriter offers a feature that allows activations for new forms to become available within the software. For example, should the practice whom were or are offering TMJ services to patients are now partaking in Sleep and want those new forms available to use, a Refresh/Update Activation process would need to occur. From the main screen of DentalWriter select the following menu options File, Administrator, Technical Troubleshooting, Refresh/update Activation.File, Administrator, Technical Troubleshooting, Refresh/update Activation.

updateing refreshing activation

The DentalWriter Registration and Activation dialogue will open with prepopulated UserName and E-mail address used for Registration. Next, select Activate DentalWriter.

NextActivate DentalWriter

Once successful, you will receive 2 messages that will reflect as successful. If adding features or additional form types, they will now be available from the Desktop of DentalWriter.
1. Activation Successful
2. DentalWriter Online Successful (If purchased)

This does not change your online form links, they will still be the same.