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Language for websites to announce medical claim processing for dental practices

Sample language for dental practices to use for their website to announce medical claim processing ability

Below is some sample language to use for dental practices who want to add language to their website indicating that they have the ability to file medically necessary services to their patient's medical insurance! Feel free to copy and paste this for your own use if you wish!

<Insert Practice Name> can now assist our patients with filing certain services to medical insurance! Not all dental services are considered medical in nature, however many medical insurers do offer coverage for medically necessary procedures performed in the dental practices setting such as custom made oral appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, TMJ/TMJD diagnostic & treatment services, and certain oral surgery services such as services needed due to accidental injury, and more! Please note, we are currently an out of network provider with all medical insurers, so while we will do our best to work with your medical insurance company to maximize your reimbursement and minimize your out of pocket cost, the patient or legal guardian is ultimately responsible for the cost of treatment if medical and/or dental insurance ultimately does not pay. Ask one of our friendly & knowledgeable team members for more information.