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What is involved in moving DentalWriter from one server to another?

Requirements for moving DentalWriter software data to a new server

Purpose of Document

The purpose of this document is to explain the steps that the DentalWriter Tech Support Team perform and to setup expectations for a "DentalWriter Server Move". We highly advise that a brief consult has been established with our clients, so that expectations can be set; then actual server move event can be scheduled. Server moves are typically scheduled as a two-phase process, to accommodate the needs of our clients. Both phases can be scheduled at the same time if expectations below have been met with the party responsible for working with the tech support team. Migrations typically take 1.5 hours for both phases. Some are as quick as 45 minutes for completion. It is very important that a review of the minimum system requirements be reviewed prior to selecting a good candidate server for move.

Access Old Server (Phase I)

  • DentalWriter™ Tech Support Team will require access to old Server via the internet using LogMeIn Rescue.

Purpose:  The reason for accessing the old server is so that DentalWriter Tech support team can insure the integrity of the DentalWriter application in its current state.  They will launch the DentalWriter™ application to:

  • Determine the version of the software.
  • If an update is available, they will first perform an update to that version before moving.
  • Perform a backup “Within” DentalWriter™ to insure all data is captured before moving.  It is important to note, that once this backup takes place, no data can be entered until the server move process has completed.
  • DentalWriter™ Tech support team, will disable and stop the DentalWriter™ SQL services so as not to conflict with new install on the new server.
  • DentalWriter™ Tech support team will remove all shares that were created for DentalWriter on the old server.  Nothing is deleted by the tech support team.  Important: Is the client’s responsibility that if the old server is not “De-Commissioned” to inform the tech support team that the machine will remain the domain and or workgroup so that the appropriate removal process can take place for the SQL instance and shared folders.
  • Stage the data folders to be moved to the new server.  The old server must be on the existing network or staff/Dr./IT must have thumb drive, flash drive, or external drive to move data.

IMPORTANTIf old Server is not available due to crashed system, virus, etc.  Tech support team will require most recent backup of old server and file system.

.Access to New Server (Phase II)

  • DentalWriter™ Tech Support Team will require access to New Server via the internet using LogMeIn Rescue.

Purpose: The reason for accessing the new server is so that the New SQL installer and Workstation component can be downloaded to the new Server and installed.  It is recommended that this process be performed by DentalWriter™ Tech support personnel.   They will be performing the following steps:

  • Perform the latest download of the Server and Workstation components to match that which was updated from the old Server.
  • Complete the install and begin setup process for new server.
  • Access Staged Data backup folders and restore SQL Databases from Phase I.
  • Launch and configure File locations within DentalWriter™ on new Server.
  • Test for functionality and any issues.
  • Request to establish a remote session to 1 Workstation to go through setup and or behavior.

Call for your consult today as we welcome your call and look forward to working with you,

DentalWriter™ Technical Support Team