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Where do I find the list of available dental software Live Links?

Location of software links after purchasing your DentalWriter software

During the purchase process of DentalWriter an auto generated Congratulations on your purchase to the e-mail address registered to the DentalWriter account that was provided upon purchase.

Important: If that originating e-mail cannot be located or found, an e-mail request to DentalWriter Technical support team can be submitted to resend.

The account will first be verified by our teams. 

Send to: techsupport@dentalwriter.com

Subject Line include: Doctors Name & Practice phone number.

Message Body: Resend New Customer E-mail

In the body of that message, near the middle of page locate Other Useful Information. In beginning paragraph below there is a text link adhered select Click here.

A list of DentalWriter Software Live links page will load, providing different downloads specific to Practice Management software currently supported for bridging operations and those instructions.