Why Would I Move My DentalWriter to A Hosted Solution?

Hosted solutions keep you from having to manage your own data backups and give you access to your data from most computers that have an internet connection.

DentalWriter Hosted is a solution for Nierman Practice Management clients that would like to have DentalWriter but don't want to keep their own server running for the program.

It is also great if you want to use DentalWriter on-the-go but don't want to keep all the data stuck on a single laptop.


DentalWriter hosted stores all your data on a secure hosted server.

That makes it so that the data is managed for you and you can access it from most computers that have an active internet connection. It also means we handle the backups of the data at the end of every day, this can give you peace of mind if you delete old files and need them restored.


The process for moving your current DentalWriter data to the hosted solution is very simple.(for you!)

All you need to do is get one of our DentalWriter Technicians logged into the Server that holds the DentalWriter Data and then we take care of the rest!                                                                                    

After all the data is moved up to the hosted solution(this process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours) our training team will reach out to you and show you how to access your newly hosted DentalWriter program!


If moving to Dentalwriter Hosted Solution is something that interests you, give our sales team a call at: 1-800-879-6468 Opt1

*additional fees will apply for the hosted service.